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Kniha návštěv

Datum: 01.05.2022

Vložil: Donaldven

Titulek: City Centre Escort

Oh sorry…
Katya pulled Seryozha behind her onto the bed, laid him down and sat on top, kissing his neck, nipples and stomach, after he got up again Katya rolled over and lay on her back.
liveartbcs.com/zimbabwe/23-01-2022. They again began to push, but Ira's anger did not help and his thoughts were not here. They were dropped again, he got up quickly, but Ira again dangled underwater for a long time. This time he didn't untie her panties, and she didn't need to be underwater for so long. And then it dawned on Slava that his underpants used to be as smooth as the surface of the water, but they became like Mount Everest. Ira's silhouette was visible underwater only to him, because Slava and Ira were standing about three meters from Ivan and Vika, and he was close to her and just underwater she looked Slava in the groin. Immediately realizing that she was considering, he turned away, and she surfaced.
Now it's time to deflower the ass. I took a vibrator. It was pink, about 25 cm long, and about 6 cm thick. In general, a giant. I also took a cucumber to stretch my ass. Such a vibrator just will not fit into the ass. Of course, I also took Vaseline, how can I do without it. I chose the sofa in the living room as the place of the orgy. I took off my dress and thong, the rest I did not want to take off. I took Vaseline and smeared it around the anus, even climbed in with my fingers. Then she smeared the cucumber and began to slowly push it into the anus. He moved with difficulty, but after five attempts, he almost completely entered the intestine.
A FI GET! I haven't finished like this in a long time, even from a vibrator.
Lisa nodded. Artyom smiled.